The company "Pantelis Tsekouras S.A." has been activated in quarry and public projects since 1966 and the founder of the company is mister Pantelis Tsekouras.
Nowadays, the company has already had a satisfactory fleet of earthmoving and quarry machinery. It is a continual evolving company, full harmonized with the international standards such as ISO 18001 and ISO 14001., connoting with this way it's environmental concerns about hygiene and safety.
The company deals with the mining, the loading and the transportation of quarry products and all types of quarry activities. The central offices of the company are located in Drepano, near Patras.


  • 1966 – Is founded the personal company "Pantelis Tsekouras"
  • 1972 – Is founded the company "Sophia P. Tsekoura & Co"
  • 1976 – Is founded the company "Contractor P. Tsekouras & Co"
  • 1980 – Is founded the "Pantelis Tsekouras S.A.", which has been running in quarry up to now.

Present Board Council
President and CEO, Tsekouras Sotirios
Deputy chairman, Tsekoura Eleni
Member of the council and mandated consultant, Tsekoura Vasiliki
Expert consultant, Tsekouras Pantelis


‘Our experience in quarry is over 45 years, so we are the first choice of someone who wants to cooperate with us.’